Screen Capture Utility

Screen Capture Utility 1.0.5

Multi-option screen capture


  • Good automation options
  • Very discreet
  • Zip and email captures automatically


  • None so far

Very good

One screen capture tool looks much like the next, and at first glance, there's no reason to believe that Screen Capture Utility is going to be any different. Appearances can be deceiving, however, because this program has one notable difference - it allows you to completely automate your captures and email them, all from within a remarkably simple interface.

Once open, you need to tell Screen Capture Utility where to save your captures, and how often to take them. You can pick both how often the tool will take a capture and for how long it continues to do so. There are a number of other options available, namely the ability to automatically compress the files, delete the originals and email the zipped files to a specified email address. You'll also see a Stealth option, which cleverly disguises Screen Capture Utility as a generic network symbol that gives minimal information when you roll over.

I have to admit, when I saw Screen Capture Utility and its options first, I couldn't figure out what you might use it for. After a while, however, it dawned on me - monitoring usage. If you set Screen Capture Utility, you can choose Stealth mode and leave it to run unnoticed. At the end of the period, you'll have fairly undeniable proof of what others might have been getting up to on your computer while you were away. If you want screenshots as proof of what's been going on, Screen Capture Utility's automation and various options for discretion make it the perfect tool.

Screen Capture Utility - simple, highly discrete screen monitoring and capture.

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Screen Capture Utility


Screen Capture Utility 1.0.5

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